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In today's digital realm, .xyz isn't merely a domain—it's a trailblazer, signaling a global paradigm shift. It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense.

As a pioneering domain registry, we are committed to helping you get the domain you’ve always wanted.

Our foremost commitment is to provide the perfect domain for every website, everywhere®, for all creators and innovators.

Proud registry of 4,000,000+ domain names with customers from from 230+ countries and territories, across 35 TLDs and 200+ partners.

Welcome to the next generation of the web.

.XYZ: The domain that started it all

For every website, everywhere®

Daniel Negari

When Daniel Negari launched .xyz in 2014, there were many skeptics and naysayers.

But as a businessman, successful internet marketer, and certified disruptor, he knew his vision for a true-generic domain extension would change the internet forever.

His vision was true. We are proud to say that .xyz has been a massive success, empowering the next generations to stake their claim online.

.XYZ is the #1 new domain ending. People around the world have joined the movement and registered over 3 million .xyz domains.

[For years], I had a dream of creating the .xyz domain extension. Although the letters “XYZ” have little-to-no meaning, everyone in the world has used and seen “XYZ” at some point in their lives. So what is .xyz? .xyz is whatever you want it to be. It’s a totally customizable domain extension For every website, everywhere®.

It’s the platform for people all over the world to develop a memorable and meaningful online presence, regardless of their industry or interests.

Think about .xyz.

Now keep thinking.

Now try and forget it. I dare you. And guess what?

You can’t forget it. It is the ending of the alphabet, and it is the ending of domain names. It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense.”

— Daniel Negari

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In today’s digital landscape, a domain isn't just an address—it's a declaration of identity. Get the domain you’ve always wanted, and make your website address as unique and dynamic as your brand.

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  • The meaning of .xyz is what YOU make of it. Define your digital identity and secure YourIdea.xyz︎


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WTF is .xyz?

".xyz’s cultural significance may be one of its most important attributes, as it represents the next generation of online innovation after the .com era."

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".Xyz Will End .Com Dominance"

“He told me, 'We end the alphabet in "xyz" and we should end domain names the same way.' It turns out someone agrees with him.”

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“AI Foundation was established in 2017, with investors including Twitter/X co-founder Biz Stone, Founders Fund, OVO, Endeavor, The Brandtech Group, Alpha Edison, and Correlation Ventures.”

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Giving back to the blockchain community

“Every .eth name or ENS username now has their @ensdomains profile available via any web browser with eth.xyz.”

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XYZ: Ethereum Is Getting Another Popular Domain Name

“The Ethereum Name Service has added support for .xyz domains, meaning users can now claim the URL for their wallets or other products on ethereum.”

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XYZ Registry Domains Report

“.XYZ is home to innovation, attracting visionary minds who disrupt industries. We’re always excited to see the numerous ventures in our dynamic .xyz community securing significant investments.”

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"The Wild West of Internet Domains"

"XYZ. It's universal yet abstract. And catchy."

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7 uses of AI technology to delight your customers

“The power of artificial intelligence (AI) could offer an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers”

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The Business Journals

"Can’t find a .com domain...? Try .xyz"

“I have my sights set on XYZ really just changing the world and the way people think about how to end a domain name, especially in emerging markets.’”

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Blockchain Thursday: VCs meet .xyz

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Why XYZ Registry?

XYZ Registry (XYZ.XYZ / XYZ.COM LLC) is not just about selling domain names. We are mission-driven to empower people worldwide with the unique digital identities they deserve.

  • Industry Expertise
  • Vigilant Anti‑Abuse
  • Innovation & Growth

At XYZ, we're built to lead in today's fast-paced digital world. Our founders aren't just industry experts—they were on the ground floor during the Internet's early days, seeing firsthand how the need and demand for domains was growing. That experience is part of our DNA, and it's why we're passionate about providing competition and choice for the next generations of Internet users.

XYZ is strategic in our growth, focusing on domain endings with significant potential that align with our mission and vision. We remain dedicated to the accessibility of our domains through every major registrar like GoDaddy and Namecheap, and all domain name retailers globally.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and growth, XYZ Registry is built for longevity, envisioning a future that will continue to provide opportunities for generations to come.

Whether it’s maintaining full compliance with ICANN for our 35 top level domains, upholding strict Anti-Abuse policies with a dedicated team, or pushing the envelope of domain innovation with our unprecedented class of 1.111B .xyz domains and web3 collaborations, XYZ Registry is committed to fostering a trustworthy, forward-thinking, and resilient Internet.

  • First, it’s cool. Second, x0.xyz was available and is a super concise and accurate domain name. Since we are a security company, having a simple and accurate domain name reduces risk of fraudulent urls pretending to be us.”

    — Charlie Choi, Co-founder, CEO of x0.xyz
  • The decision was based on a combination of factors. One, it resonated with us because of its simplicity, just like the alphabet with ABC and XYZ. Secondly, the .xyz extension perfectly aligns with our product, which operates in the 3D space, where each element has x, y, and z coordinates. And, opting for .xyz provided us with a wider range of options and a clearer namespace.”

    — Jason Toff, Co-founder, Rooms.xyz
  • As a web3 project, we knew picking an xyz domain was a no-brainer. While being one of the top TLDs across the board, it’s especially popular in the crypto space and known for its innovative collaboration in the industry.”

    — Katia Banina, Head of Product Bebop.xyz

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